Our History

The occupation by Tangiharuru of these lands was achieved through conquest of the Marangaranga towards of the end of the 16th – early 17th century. He was driven by a fierce desire to settle on his own whenua having spent a considerable part of his life on the whenua of others very much at their behest. His arrival in these parts beginning with his departure from Wharepuhunga in the Waikato is called Te Heke o Tangiharuru which traces his subsequent migration into Hauraki then Tauranga and finally to Matata amongst Ngati Awa. The genesis for the notion of taking the land from Te Marangaranga by force came about at Whakapau Korero where Tangiharuru successfully exhorted his followers to rise up and drive Te Marangaranga out hence the name Whakapau Korero.

The Mana Whenua has been successfully upheld from the time of Tangiharuru down through the ages despite the upheavals, turbulence and ravages associated with having to defend Mana Whenua.