Our Vision

Our vision has been built upon the whakatauki left for us by our tipuna.  For Ngāti Manawa, our vision is certain to provoke foresight and a visualisation in our people.  A visualisation of standing on our maunga Tawhiuau, looking down across our whenua and revelling in the prosperity and development of our iwi that has been accomplished through the mana motuhaketanga of Ngāti Manawa.

Ngati Manawatanga

Ngāti Manawatanga maintains the strong desire of its people to be identified as Ngāti Manawa.  It is the essence of who we are as an iwi.  It is the embodiment of our uniqueness.  Ngāti Manawatanga safeguards the connection of its people to Ngāti Manawa taonga.  It ensures the protection of its whenua, promotes the revitalisation of te reo Māori, guarantees the rentention of its history, whakatauaki and pepeha and assures the sustainability of Ngāti Manawa.


Whakapapa is the overarching foundation of our Ngāti Manawa identity.


Ngāti Manawa whenua will be protected and preserved in accordance with Ngāti Manawa values and principles.


Ngāti Manawa customs and protocols will be upheld.

Te Reo Māori

Te reo Māori is vital to learning the whakapapa and tikanga of Ngāti Manawa and exercising mana within the rohe.


Sound communication is key to accountability, transparency and keeping Ngāti Manawa informed and connected to enhance and protect our whanaungatanga.

Values and Principles


Sound leadership, governance, tikanga and our values and principles will be upheld and demonstrated at all times to ascertain the sovereignty, self-determination and self-management of Ngāti Manawa. We will lead our people by example.


We will foster the whanaungatanga of our Ngāti Manawa whānau, hapū and iwi to develop a sense of belonging and connection with their people. We will also encourage our people to enjoy the rights and commitments of being a part of the Ngāti Manawa collective to bring our whānau together in pride under the umbrella of Ngāti Manawa.


We will promote and sustain our whanaungatanga and Ngāti Manawatanga to ensure the unity and solidarity of our people. We will promote the purpose and direction of Ngāti Manawa to encourage the collective action of our iwi for the betterment of our iwi.
Manaakitanga We will acknowledge the mana of others through kindness, hospitality and mutual respect.

Mana Whenua

We will exercise our jurisdiction over the land in the interests of Ngāti Manawa iwi, hapū and whānau. We will take advice and guidance from whānau and uri. Mana whenua is the basis for managing our assets in the most effective and efficient way to provide sustenance for our people and providing manaakitanga for our guests.


We will embrace our spiritual and cultural guardianship of the environment around us and everything in it, to create clean, safe and healthy surroundings for our iwi and Aotearoa. We will support and promote the protection of our natural environment. otuhaketanga of Ngāti Manawa.