Our Strategic Pou

Our pou method builds on Ngāti Manawa’s vision and values.  Looking at key objectives under the lens of each pou ensures that later on when action plans are developed, initiatives under each pou are considered. After reviewing our vision and values 4 key Strategic Pou emerged that provide clear focus areas for Ngāti Manawa and our aspirations.  These 4 pou are outlined below with a short explanation of what acitivites these pou support within the Ngāti Manawa “whare”.  It can be claimed that Ngāti Manawatanga, environment and iwi development are all foundations of this whare and underpin all 4 pou.  All pou stand strongly on their own, but like all support pillars of a whare, are also inter-dependant on each other.

1. Ngāti Manawatanga  – The essence of who we are

2. Iwi Development  – To enhance the wellbeing of Ngāti Manawa people

3. Environment  – To ensure the capacity for Ngāti Manawa to exercise our traditional role of kaitiaki of “te taiao mo nga tangata”

4. Economic  – A strong and sustainable economic base for Ngāti Manawa