Tribal Register

Member of Ngāti Manawa means a person who by whakapapa, legal adoption or Whangai arrangement, can claim descent from the primary ancestors of the iwi, namely Tangiharuru and any of his unions with Takuate, Kuranui, Kuraroa, Kuraiti and Apa Hapai Taketake ki Ngāti Manawa.

By registering with Ngāti Manawa you

  1. Declare yourself as a tribal member.
  2. Can access education and charitable purposes grants distributed by us.
  3. Are able to have a say on tribal issues.

Registration allows us to:

  1. Keep you informed about tribal news, events and activities.
  2. Calculate marae dividends, which are paid annually and based on the number of tribal members registered with each marae.
  3. Contact you with employment and training opportunities.
NOTE: Submitting a registration form does not automatically mean you are registered. All requests for registration have to be verified before we can enter any information into our tribal register.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registrations can be done online or you can download or pick up a registration form from our office in Murupara.
The main information required, besides your personal details, is your whakapapa lineage to Tangiharuru and any of his unions with Takuate, Kuranui, Kuraroa, Kuraiti and Apa Hapai Taketake ki Ngāti Manawa.
No, if your whakapapa supports affiliation to another iwi, you can register with that iwi too.
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